We are inspired by each of our 350 volunteers, who last year alone provided a staggering 26,000 plus combined hours of service and support to our residents and customers, positively impacting the lives of older people who choose our services.

Our organisation was founded on volunteers more than 50 years ago, and they are just as vital today. Our volunteers play a variety of roles including driving, organising and assisting in activities and social outings, gardening, fundraising, providing pastoral care and chaplaincy, providing comfort and companionship, and supporting older people in their everyday lives. Our company is even guided by volunteers on our Board!

Our volunteers hold a special and valued place in our organisation and we are committed to giving back to them. Their contributions are coordinated by our Volunteer Coordinator – a dedicated employee with responsibilities including recruitment, induction and training. As part of our commitment to our volunteers, we provide them with the same learning and development opportunities offered to our staff.

Volunteers are ordinary people doing ordinary things for people they may not even know. For some, volunteering is a way of giving back to their community. Others volunteer because something needs doing and it brings purpose to their lives. Time is such a precious resource, and it is the time that volunteers give that makes such a difference to the lives of our residents, customers and families. We are grateful for our inspiring volunteers.

Benefits of voluntary work

People volunteer for a variety of reasons including:

  • They find it rewarding
  • It's fun
  • They make new friends
  • Gaining new skills and experiences
  • Wanting to become part of a team
  • Using their free time in a positive way
  • Gaining valuable work experience for work or further education
  • Wanting to do something different to their normal job
  • Gaining confidence
  • Making use of their skills and experience

What we can do

We give all our volunteers a variety of opportunities that match them to a suitable vacancy or need in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Goulburn and Queanbeyan. We will train you and pay your out of pocket expenses.

But above all, we will value your involvement in our work.


We are a member of The Centre for Volunteering.


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we are a member of The Centre for Volunteering

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Volunteer with us

Warrigal was founded by volunteers and they continue to be vital to ensuring our residents happiness. From driving buses to regular visits, even assisting with our business operations, we have many varied opportunities for anyone who would like to donate their time, energy and skills to Warrigal’s residents.

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