Warrigal is thrilled to announce its People & Culture team has won the Community Industry Groups "A Brilliant Idea" team award on Friday, 22 September. This accolade not only celebrates their perseverance, creativity, and achievements but also signifies a remarkable achievement for the entire organisation. Warrigal's Community Relations team also received recognition as finalists in the same category for their outstanding efforts in the "Wisdom in Their Words" campaign.

Amidst an impressive array of non-for-profit organisations, teams, and individuals from across the Illawarra, the innovative 'ACE' program has garnered well-deserved acclaim. Launched in 2022, the 'ACE' program is dedicated to preparing and supporting the future generation of aged care workers. It focuses on students aged 16 and older, in the final 1-2 years of high school, offering them a pathway into Warrigal's esteemed nursing program. Participants not only gain valuable experience through traineeships but also have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate nursing programs or continue as an ACE while attending university.

Warrigal's CEO, Jenni Hutchins, expressed her immense pride, stating that receiving this award is an absolute honour and a source of great excitement for Warrigal. "We are deeply proud of our People & Culture and Community Relations teams for standing tall alongside such innovative organisations. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the finalists for their outstanding contributions to our community."

The "Brilliant Idea" award win is a testament to Warrigal's dedication to making a difference in the lives of older people and future generation of aged care workers. It is a symbol of excellence and reflects the organisation's consistent efforts to drive positive change in our community. This award serves as a validation of the hard work, passion, and vision of the Warrigal team. Warrigal's commitment to innovation has reached new heights, and will continue to create inspiring communities for older people.

For career opportunities and to be part of our journey, visit us here: Work with Warrigal.

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Warrigal Goulburn Village Celebrates a Decade of Community and Care

Warrigal Goulburn Village marked a significant milestone yesterday as it commemorated the 10th anniversary since the arrival of its first cherished residents. The occasion was celebrated with a heart-warming morning tea attended by 30 residents, esteemed guests including Wendy Tuckerman MP, Mayor Peter Walker and Warrigal CEO Jenni Hutchins, reflecting a decade of dedicated care and commitment to fostering a vibrant independent living community.

In a testament to the community's enduring spirit, Warrigal Goulburn Village has stood as a beacon of compassion, respect, and collaboration over the past decade. The milestone morning tea was a poignant celebration of the deep relationships formed and the positive impact made within the local community.

Jenni Hutchins, Warrigal CEO, expressed her profound gratitude for the journey: "Today, as we celebrate a decade of life, laughter, and shared moments at Warrigal Goulburn Village, we are reminded of our commitment to empowering the lives of our residents. This milestone embodies our vision of nurturing vibrant, inclusive communities that promote well-being and independence." We are humbled by the trust placed in us by the residents and their families, and we remain dedicated to shaping the future of aged care with integrity and compassion." she continued.

The presence of Wendy Tuckerman, MP and Mayor Peter Walker underscored the significance of the Village within the broader community. Their attendance at the event reaffirmed the strong bonds between Warrigal and local stakeholders, united in their shared pursuit of enriching the lives of older people in the Goulburn region.

The 10-year celebration encapsulated the spirit of Warrigal Goulburn Village's commitment to quality care, community engagement, and dignified living for its residents. As Warrigal looks toward the future, this milestone stands as a testament to the organisation's dedication to older people live great lives.

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Warrigal, a leading aged care provider of exceptional aged care living, is thrilled to announce the imminent completion of the final phase of Warrigal Shell Cove’s village apartments. This marks the last opportunity to join the highly sought-after and vibrant community for over 55's at Warrigal Shell Cove.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the village apartments offer 24 luxurious residences featuring thoughtfully crafted layouts, including 1, 2 and 3-bedroom options. Each apartment embodies the perfect fusion of modern comfort, stylish design, and functionality, ensuring a seamless transition into a new chapter of life.

“We are delighted to embark on the final stage of Warrigal’s Shell Cove village”, said Alissa Walsh, Warrigal’s Acting CEO. “This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to offering outstanding lifestyle options for older people. Warrigal Shell Cove is more than just a home, it is a dynamic community designed to provide flexibility and cultivate meaningful connections.”

"These residences epitomise the ideal blend of comfort and sophistication, creating an environment where residents can truly flourish," she added.

With completion on track for late 2023, prospective residents can anticipate a timely move-in and the chance to fully embrace the vibrant community living experience at Warrigal Shell Cove.

To express interest and secure your place in this sought-after community, join Warrigal’s Village Choice register by emailing warrigal@warrigal.com.au or calling 1800 927 744.

Exclusive Preview: Get a Glimpse inside one of the apartments: CLICK HERE


Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808

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Warrigal and Maggie Beer Foundation unite to enhance the dining experience for older Australians


Warrigal Shell Cove played host to an extraordinary three-day event, where renowned Australian cook and food advocate, Maggie Beer, and her Foundation team came together with the aim of improving the dining experiences of older people across Australia.

Warrigal was thrilled to have the opportunity to host Maggie Beer, alongside cooks, chefs and carers from Warrigal properties and partners CaterCare and Catering Industries.

Throughout the three-day event, Maggie and her team passionately shared their expertise in good food and nourishment. Engaging discussions revolved around designing menus tailored to the specific needs of older people, while Warrigal chefs embarked on a transformative journey to refine their cooking techniques under her expert guidance.

"We are absolutely thrilled to have brought together our talented chefs and the passionate team from the Maggie Beer Foundation," said Alissa Walsh, Warrigal’s Acting CEO. "This remarkable collaboration perfectly aligns with our own mission to provide our older people with delicious meals. It also highlights our dedication to the ever-changing food and nutrition standards, making this visit truly special."

This invaluable opportunity was made possible by the generous support of Anne and Garry Edwards, whose vision to create a lasting legacy for Gwen, Garry's mother and a former resident at Warrigal's Mount Terry home, ignited the idea of enhancing the lives of aged care residents through an elevated dining experience.

The development of this program has been an extensive collaborative effort involving every level of management at Warrigal, and numerous other stakeholders (including dietitians, residents and their family members). The sessions marked the launch of the first mentoring program, which will be followed by regular catch-up sessions with the Maggie Beer Foundation and Warrigal's chefs, ensuring continuous growth and improvement to the daily meals and menu offered to Warrigal residents.


Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808 


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Warrigal to pass on long-awaited 15% pay increase for aged care workers

Warrigal commends the federal government's long-overdue announcement of a 15% pay increase for aged care workers. Through persistent campaigning and lobbying efforts, this pay increase will positively impact the lives of 250,000 aged care workers who work in direct care roles in Residential Care and Home Care.

Recognising the immense value of its employees, Warrigal is proud to pass on the full 15% Work Value increase to its current Enterprise Agreement rates to all eligible staff members working in direct care.

By providing a fair and competitive remuneration package, Warrigal aims to acknowledge the hard work and dedication demonstrated by its employees in delivering high-quality care to its residents and customers.

"At Warrigal, our staff members are at the core of everything we do. We deeply appreciate their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts to ensure the well-being of our community," said Alissa Walsh, Acting CEO at Warrigal. "This 15% pay increase not only recognises the invaluable work of our staff but also underscores our commitment to attracting and retaining top talent within the aged care industry."

The federal government has allocated $11.3 billion over four years to aged care providers, empowering them to pass on this significant pay increase to their dedicated workforce starting from 1 July 2023. Warrigal wholeheartedly supports this initiative and will ensure all direct care staff members, including care service employees, registered nurses, enrolled nurses, assistants in nursing, head chefs or cooks, leisure and entertainment officers and home care workers receive the full 15% increase.

In addition to the pay increase, Warrigal is dedicated to creating a supportive and rewarding work environment for its staff. The organisation offers a range of additional benefits designed to enhance the overall well-being and financial security of its employees. These benefits include:

  • Salary Packaging: Warrigal provides staff members with the opportunity to optimise their salary through salary packaging up to $15,900, maximising take-home pay and saving on taxes.
  • Discounted Gym and Pool Membership: Staff have access to Fitness Passport, offering discounted rates for gym and pool memberships, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Access to a Health and Wellbeing App: Warrigal values the holistic well-being of its staff and their families. Through the Health and Wellbeing app, staff members can access a range of resources and support services to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health.

These benefits, alongside the pay increase, exemplify Warrigal's commitment to fostering a positive work environment that recognises and supports its staff members. Warrigal believes in enhancing the overall employee experience, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and ensuring the well-being of its dedicated workforce.

For more information about career opportunities at Warrigal and the organisation's commitment to employee well-being, please visit warrigal.com.au.


Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808 


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Warrigal Celebrates International Nurses Day with GANA Sponsorship


Warrigal is proud to celebrate International Nurses Day on Friday, 12 May by launching their sponsorship with GANA (Gerontological Alliance of Nurses Australia), aimed at attracting skilled individuals to the sector. The sponsorship will provide 100 of Warrigal’s nurses with an annual professional membership to GANA, encouraging career advancement and inspiring future nursing students to choose gerontology as a career path.

“Our nurses play a critical role in ensuring the highest quality care of our residents and customers, and we are very grateful for their hard work.” Says Warrigal CEO Jenni Hutchins.

To express gratitude, Warrigal will give each staff member a bookmark and chocolates as part of the celebration, acknowledging the tireless commitment of their staff to providing older people with great lives.

Warrigal is always looking to welcome passionate and dedicated nurses to join their team. This International Nurses Day, Warrigal invites nurses to apply at Warrigal and become part of a supportive community that values and recognises the contribution of its staff, offering many benefits such as competitive pay, ongoing training, and discounted gym memberships.

For further information about career opportunities at Warrigal, visit warrigal.com.au or email vacancy@warrigal.com.au


Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808 



Warrigal partners with IllawarraYES to connect young workers into aged care jobs


Warrigal is excited to announce their partnership with the IllawarraYES program, aimed at connecting young workers with exciting job and career opportunities in the aged care sector.

The IllawarraYES program provides employability skills, vocational training, and work experience to young people aged between 16-24 to prepare them for future employment, including apprenticeships and traineeships.

Warrigal understands that young people are looking for work with purpose, and the company has part-time opportunities and dedicated pathway programs for those still at school or studying. The aged care industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia, and Warrigal is committed to providing the best development and training opportunities to young workers for future success.

Warrigal CEO Jenni Hutchins said “We are excited to be partnering with IllawarraYES to provide this opportunity for young people looking to start working in aged care. Fostering a supportive team culture is important at Warrigal, and we all work together in our mission to support older people to live great lives.”

Warrigal has a highly developed dedicated training and support system that provides all new employees with the best start at Warrigal, as well as continued support and ongoing career advancement opportunities. In addition to this, Warrigal provides valuable benefits for their employees, including competitive pay, discounted gym memberships, and the ability to save thousands with salary packaging.

Whether you’re looking for casual, part-time or full-time work, Warrigal welcomes you to apply. For more information, please email Warrigal at vacancy@warrigal.com.au or visit their website www.warrigal.com.au



Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808 




Fijian Minister Agni Deo Singh visits Warrigal Goulburn to celebrate success of PALM Scheme


Warrigal Goulburn’s aged care home was honoured to host the Honourable Minister Agni Deo Singh, the Fijian Minister of Employment, Productivity, and Industrial Relations, on 13th March 2023 to discuss and celebrate the success of the PALM (Pacific Australia Labour Mobility) scheme. The PALM scheme is a multinational project allowing Australian businesses to hire workers from nine Pacific Island nations, including Fiji, created to reduce labour shortages in regional Australia.

Minister Singh met with Warrigal CEO Jenni Hutchins, delegates from the Australian government, PLF (Pacific Labour Facility) representatives, and several Fijian Warrigal staff who have moved to Australia to work, with support from the PALM scheme.

The day began with Jenni welcoming the visitors to the home, followed by a welcome song performed by the Fijian PALM scheme workers. Warrigal Goulburn General Manager, Belinda McClelland and other Fijian delegates also gave speeches on the benefits of the PALM scheme to both employers and employees.

The Fijian delegates were then given a tour of the care home, and Minister Singh and the Fijian PALM scheme workers had a ‘talanoa’ (Fijian for a ‘little chat’) about their experiences in Australia. Minister Singh acknowledged the hardships they faced, leaving their homes and loved ones to provide care for older Australians and spoke about the pride the Fijian community had in the PALM workers. Minister Singh was happy to hear about the PALM scheme's positive impact on Warrigal’s residents, the community and the Fijian team members. At the end of the visit, the Minister and Warrigal CEO Jenni Hutchins were gifted a beautiful garland made by the Fijian staff as a sign of respect, and a way of saying thank you for caring for them. 

Jenni said, “Warrigal is proud to support the PALM scheme; it helps counteract workforce shortages by offering access to a pool of caring, community-spirited and reliable workers. The program benefits us from a staffing perspective and the participants, as they develop real career skills, gain valuable experience in aged care, and earn an income to support themselves and their families."

She continued, “We look forward to working closely with Minister Singh and supporting the PALM scheme into the future as we continue our mission to support older people to live their best lives in our communities.”

Warrigal is hiring team members at their locations across NSW and the ACT. If you want to join their supportive team, visit https://warrigal.bigredsky.com/page.php?pageID=106 .


Media Contact: Elsbeth Olalia, Community Relations Manager | +61 (4) 3665 5808 


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